Family Weekend Retreat

Oh, The Places You'll Go!!!


 JUNE 13-15th, 2014

For Texas families with children who are deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind or deaf with other disabilities, birth through 21 years old. All family members welcome! 

Family Weekend Retreat childcare and dorm space is full and registration has closed. At this time we are accepting applications for adult family members only, but you must provide your own lodging. If you would like to register adult family members please email Lisa Crawford at 

La guardería y el cupo para el Retiro Familiar Fin de Semana ya está lleno y la matriculación esta cerrada.  A este tiempo estamos aceptando aplicaciones solamente para miembros adultos de la familia, pero usted deberá encargarse del alojamiento.  Si usted desea registrar miembros adultos de su familia, favor de ponerse en contacto con Lisa Crawford a

 Para información en Español, favor de comunicarse con María Muñiz a hispanosercod@tsd.state.tx o al 512-743.7972.

Questions? Call Lisa Crawford at 512-462-5447 

 Para solicitar su nombre en la lista de espera, favor de llamar a Lisa Crawford al (512)462.5447. 

Para ayuda en Español, favor de llamar a María Muñiz at (512) 743.7972

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Family Weekend Retreat 2014.

Please note: Deaf or hard of hearing students who are enrolled at TSD and their families are not eligible to access lodging or childcare for this outreach program. Adult family members of TSD students may be eligible to attend speaker presentations.

Any questions please contact us:
(512) 462-5329    1-800-DEAFTSD (1-800-332-3873)   (512) 743-7972 - Español

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